Kitchen Accessories


Lemon Yellow Kitchen Accessories

Equip your kitchen with a range of stylish accessories in a beautiful lemon yellow colour. Great for providing a splash of accent colour, they combine quirky design with maximum practicality.

Our houseware range includes our popular bread box bins. When bread goes mouldy, it’s unusable. With a good quality bread box bin, such as the breadboy, when bread is past its sell-by date, it will simply become stale, meaning you can use it to make a host of tasty options from Bread & Butter Pudding to a Hot Creamy Soup with Croutons. Also, with our kitchen scales you can be sure you get accurate results right down to the gram. They say the secret to creating a successful recipe is attention to detail, particularly the exact weights and measures needed and with Wesco quality you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be getting the very best of German engineering. Lastly, preparing your food without a good quality knife set can lead to issues with quality and taste. Carving your meat with a dull knife will “tear” your meat instead of cutting it, which is why you need a decent knife set like the Classic Line Knife Set from Wesco.