Wesco's range of unique and retro kitchen products and accessories are crafted from high quality materials in Germany. The company was established in 1867 with a commitment to produce the best possible product which lasted and it is this commitment that allows us to offer a 2 year guarantee on our items and is why we send out replacement parts to bins that were bought 20+ years ago.

Currently we have a small selection of goods that have been reduced in price but they won't stay that price for long, so make sure to snap up these superb offers while you have the chance!

  • Terragan 28cm Frying Pan

    Terragan® Induction 28cm Deep Frying Pan



  • Terragan Induction 28cm Cooking Pot

    Terragan® Induction 28cm Cooking Pot



  • Terragan Induction 20cm Cooking Pot

    Terragan® Induction 20cm Cooking Pot



  • Terragan Induction Casserole Pot

    Terragan® Induction Casserole Pot



  • Terragan Induction 24cm Cooking Pot

    Terragan® Induction 24cm Cooking Pot



  • Terragan Induction 16cm Cooking Pot

    Terragan® Induction 16cm Cooking Pot