Guide to Finding the Correct Bin Liner for your Waste Bin

Guide to Finding the Correct Bin Liner for your Waste Bin

What bin liner should I use in my Wesco bin?

All you need to know about finding the correct bin liner for your bin! Wesco Waste Bins and other brands.

If you are using the wrong size bin liner you may not be making the most of your waste bin capacity. Whether it be that it is too big and taking up space with excess liner, not forgetting the unsightly amount of bin liner which will overhang. Or too small and perhaps it doesn’t reach the bottom or you can’t tie your bin bag up and carry your waste easily to the wheelie bin.

There are 3 important measurements you need to know:

Face Width – Sealed closed width of the bottom of the bin liner.

Open Width – Maximum open width of the bin liner. (This will only apply if the bin liner has gussets.)

Length – The measurement from top to bottom.

With the above three measurements, you can work out what size bag you need for your bin.

With our recommended Bacofoil Elasti-fit bin liners we have made things a little easier for you with our helpful quick check guide which will tell you which size bin liner is best suited for which bin. With these bin liners, you will only need to think about the ‘Face Width’ and the ‘Length’ as these bin liners do not have a gusset that expands the liner.

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For when we are unable to find the perfect fit from our range of Bacofoil bin liners, we have put together the guide to hopefully help you find a bin liner from your local supermarket or shop.

What size bin liner do I need for my round bin?

There are two simple steps that you need to follow:

  1. Measure the circumference of your bin. The circumference will be the measurement around the outside of the circle /rim.
  2. Then divide the circumference by two. Providing you with the ‘Open Width’ dimension you require for your bin bag.

It will also be important to take into consideration the length of the bin liner from top to bottom. Add approximately 177mm to the height of your bin to find the length of bin liner you need. The extra will allow for overhang and for you to tie up your bin liner.

To find the right bin liner for your square or rectangular bin, you must add up all the sides and divide by two.

  1. Calculate the perimeter – the total measurements of all sides.
  2. Divide the perimeter of your bin by two. The resulting number is the ‘Open Width’ that you will require your bin liner to be.
  3. Again, do not forget to add 177mm to the height to calculate the length required.

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