Helpful tips for choosing your Built-in Kitchen Bin

Helpful tips for choosing your Built-in Kitchen Bin

Are you looking to keep your new or current kitchen stream-line, with neat and tidy lines? Yes, well you won’t want your waste bin in the way then. The Wesco built-in waste bins are perfect!

WESCO Kitchen Bins are:

  • Available for both door-mounted and for hinged door applications.
  • Suitable for door widths range mainly from 300mm – 600mm there is a bin to suit many different sized cabinets.
  • Set-up with multiple compartments for recycling household waste, alternatively, choose from just one single compartment, the choice is yours.
  • Made from robust and durable plastic buckets which are easily removable for the transfer of waste outside.

What you should consider before buying your kitchen bin:

Do you need your bin to be…

  • Placed within a cabinet operating a hinged door?
  • Placed inside a cupboard where the door is mounted to the front of the bin?
  • How any compartments do you require?
  • What size is your cabinet? Measure your width, depth and height, this will narrow down your search.
  • Who will be fitting your bin? Different Wesco bins have different levels of skill required, make sure you take a look at our fitting instructions to ensure whether you think you can fit the bin yourself or whether you may need help from a qualified trades person.
  • Would you like your bin to be soft-close? This is a design choice and down to personal preference.

Door Mounted Waste Bins:

Door mounted waste bins are fitted within your cupboard and are mounted directly on to your cabinet door. This system is operated by pulling the door handle, the whole bin system will then immediately follow on. This makes for a quick and easy to access bin system that operates in one simple action.

Wesco Built-in Door Mounted Waste Bins

Built-in bins for Hinged Doors: 

If you are looking to place your bin inside the cupboard and you would like your door to stay separate from your bin system. With a hinge mounted bin, you would open the door and pull out the bin system independently. Many of these systems are base-mounted which allows you to fit two smaller bin systems into a larger cabinet or if you have an unusual width cabinet.

Wesco Built-in Waste Bins for Hinged Doors

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE and measure again…

Measuring your cabinet should be one of the first steps to selecting your kitchen bin system. 

  • What is your external cabinet width? (This measurement will be inclusive of the thickness of your carcass wall.)

 Standard cabinet widths are 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm. (Based on a cabinet thickness of 16-19mm).

  • What is your cabinet height?

A typical cabinet unit height is 680mm, if you are looking for a large capacity bin it is likely that you will require a full height cabinet. If you have a drawer above the space where you are looking to locate your kitchen bin, you will generally require a height of 530mm.

  • What is your cabinet depth?

Most standard cabinets are 450mm, 500mm or 600mm deep. Many of the WESCO bins suit this standard, we also have a select few that will suit shallower cabinets and under-sink cabinets.

Measuring for your Wesco Bin

Capacity and number of compartments:

Wesco Multi-compartment waste bins

Do you know what capacity waste bin you would like? Are you a large family looking to recycle your waste or are you couple looking for a simple and easy in-cupboard waste bin?

The Wesco built-in waste bins range in capacity from 5L to 84L. the 5L and 10L capacity buckets are great if you are looking for a compartment for compostable vegetable waste, if the system doesn’t already come with individual lids these can be purchased separately ensuring any smells are contained.

Other 15L, 26L, 32L etc. bins are great for sorting general household waste along with cardboard and plastic recycling.

All capacity inner buckets are removable from the frames in which they sit in, this makes for ease of emptying. Some of the buckets come with metal or plastic handles for carrying.

Once you have thought about the above you should have all the info to source the perfect bin for your home. If you have some questions and you are unsure, our friendly team are on hand to help, click here for our contact information >>

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