Looking for the perfect Push Flap operated Bin?

Looking for the perfect Push Flap operated Bin?

When it comes to the classic free-standing kitchen waste bin most of us will think of the push flap style, it has been around for years.

Wesco Pushboy 50L Push flap waste bin

The original, retro gem that is the Pushboy 50L is where it all began! This style of bin was and still is extremely popular due to its clean looks, long-lasting style and its robust design that is easy to use by all family members, young and old.

There is no faffing around with sensor bins when the batteries have run out, latches getting stuck or having your hands full. The push flap allows for quick and easy disposal of waste.

Wesco Pushboy Junior 22L Push Flap Waste Bin

So, the 50L original capacity of the Pushboy is ideal for a family home, but if you like this style but just don’t have the space then there is always the Pushboy Junior. With a capacity of 22L it comes with the same great looks and functionality but is half the size. It makes for an excellent choice of bin for apartment kitchens, utilities, children’s bedrooms and the home office.

Next hurdle, you like a free-standing waste bin in your kitchen as it can add splash of colour or be a great design feature. Sometimes, with the modern world of recycling that we live in it becomes messy with a pile of recycling sitting on your worktops waiting to go outside.

Fear not, there is a solution! The Push Two is a fabulous compromise. Two push flaps and two separate compartments allowing one for general waste and the other to store your recycling until you are ready to sort and place outside. Helping to keep the planet a little bit happier.

Its’s so easy to use, even the kids might help out!

Wesco Push Two Recycling Waste bin with Push Flap

Perhaps you're after something a bit different, something with a unique design that will certainly draw attention but add a feature to your home design. We have something right up your street, it's the Spaceboy XL 35L! Who would have thought it, a rocket shaped waste bin. 

With the same great sturdy and easy to use push flap but it's certainly not ordinary and has a great capacity of 35L too. 

Wesco Spaceboy 35L Rocket Bin with Push Flap

Within these three great free-standing push operated waste bins there should hopefully be one to suit your home. The only thing you’ll be left to decide is the colour you choose. The Pushboy 50L certainly has the largest range, from industrial, modern matt graphite to the pinks and reds, sure to add some vibrancy to your décor.

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