Top Wesco Waste Bins for Narrow, Shallow & Limited Height Kitchen Cabinets.

Top Wesco Waste Bins for Narrow, Shallow & Limited Height Kitchen Cabinets.

Top Wesco Waste Bins for Narrow, Shallow & Limited Height Kitchen Cabinets.

Whether you're looking to retrofit a new bin into your existing kitchen cabinet, or you are looking at a brand-new kitchen, sometimes you want to make the most of those awkward spaces, one idea you had in mind was a kitchen bin? 

Maybe you have a small kitchen and every inch is critical to getting the full benefit out of the space or you have a utility space that you want to make sure is neat and tidy, alternatively you really don’t want your waste bin out on display.

Here are couple of Wesco waste bins and a little bit about them that will hopeful help you make a decision.

Bins for Narrow kitchen cabinets:

Narrow cabinets are usually a cabinet that is around 300mm wide including the carcass walls. You may be looking for one big bin to take up the majority of the space or you would like to make recycling that little bit easier in the home, rather than unsightly piles of recycling waiting to go out on the kitchen worktop.

Door mounted options:

The Wesco 300AZ waste bin is available in 2 different capacities. It is a base-mounted pull-out waste bin which attaches to your cabinet door, when the door is pulled the bin system will follow making disposal of waste easy. All the bin compartments come with their own individual lids ensuring odours stay enclosed, it also has the benefit of a soft-closing action, no noisy bin!

1. Dual compartment 1 x 10L and 1 x 32L 300AZ – these compartments can be split into general household waste in the 32L and Compostable household waste in the 10L. No more compostable waste caddies taking up worktop space! SKU: 787421-85

2. Dual compartment 1 x 10L and 1 x 26L 300AZ – This is a very similar layout to the above option but slightly shorter in height making it a great option if you are looking to have a small drawer fitted above the bin. SKU: 787461-85

Wesco 300AZ 300mm Pull-out Kitchen Waste Bin

Hinged Door Options:
Perhaps you already have an empty cupboard with a hinged door, and you don’t want to change it, or the layout does not allow you to have your bin door mounted. Here are some great options for you:

1. Big Boy 40L – This is an impressive large single bin compartment especially considering the cabinet limitations. With an integral lid sitting within the frame to keep odours contained, along with handles allowing easy removal of waste and cleaning. This bin is perfect for holding general household waste. SKU: 755640-85

Big Boy 40L Pull-out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin

2. Contract bin with Automatic Lid 16L – Ideal for the smaller household or as a second under-sink bin. Although it is for hinged doors and the bin will need to be pulled out independently from the door as the bin is pulled the lid with automatically open and stay open for you to dispose of your rubbish. SKU: 755280-85

Automatic 16L Pull-out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin

3. Double Boy Waste Bin 30L- Ideal for the smaller household or an additional bin but this comes with dual compartments allowing you to divide your waste easily. Impressive use of a small cupboard. Also, shallow in height it makes it perfect for those cabinets with overhead drawers. SKU: 755611-11

Double Boy 30L Pull-out Kitchen Cabinet Waste Bin

Waste bins for Shallow Depth Cabinets:

If your cabinet is not very deep from front to back it can sometimes be hard to make use of that awkward space. It may be under your sink or an awkward corner, here are a couple of options which may help you find the perfect use of the space.

1. Bio-Single Waste Bin for 300mm wide cabinets – Available in two different capacities, 26L and 32L. Both or these bins are a single compartment bin which are short in depth at only 330mm. The 26L option is shorter in height and allows for it to be fitted below a drawer. These are both ideal for general household waste and they can be fitted individually side by side in wider but short depth cabinets too. 26L SKU: 757211-85 32L SKU: 757221-85 

Wesco Single Boy Pull-out Kitchen Cupboard Waste Bin

2. Slim-Line 19L waste bin – Suitable for cabinets 450mm and wider this bin system only requires a depth of 210mm. The 19L single compartment swings out as the hinged door is opened, leaving the lid behind providing easy access. SKU: 700411-10 700411-85 790414-42

Wesco Slim-Line Swing Kitchen Cupboard Waste Bin

3. Slim-line Double 29L – This bin is a similar design to the above and is perfect if you have a slightly deeper cabinet and you are looking for two compartments. Still only requiring a depth of 400mm and offering great options for recycling and dividing your waste. SKU: 703611-85

Slim-Line Double recycling Swing Kitchen Cupboard Waste Bin

4. Shorty Manual Waste Bin 30L – With a short depth and height this pull-out waste bin is ideal for under sink cabinets where pipework maybe limiting the space available. Suitable for 500mm wide cabinets and containing two compartments making for an ideal recycling system. SKU: 757411-85

Wesco Shorty Double Pull-out under-sink kitchen cabinet waste bin

5. Shorty Automatic Waste Bin 30L – Also available is the automatic version. SKU: 757311-11

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