What does the NEW Wesco Pullboy Z Easy Pull-out waste bin have to offer?

Wesco Built-in Pullboy Z Recycling Waste Bin

The great, practical and flexible Pullboy Z in-cupboard pull-out bin system has always been a firm favourite with kitchen designers, fitters and everyone in the family home.

Wesco Kitchen pull-out recycling waste bin system

“How have they made this cupboard bin even better??” We hear you say….

Especially as this style of pull-out bin comes in so many different configurations from 4 compartments to two large compartments. It’s even a bin that’s designed for small, narrow 300mm wide cabinets, through to 600mm wide cabinets.

Wesco Pull-out waste bin for narrow cabinets

Well, here we go…

For starters, all the bins from the 8L compostable waste caddy to the large 40L general household waste bin have had their handles upgraded to twin handles that are stronger than before, these double handles also make it easier to remove each bin from the bin frame for cleaning and disposal.

Wesco Pullboy Z individual Waste bins with handles

The 32L and 26L bins without handles have been replaced with the 29L and 17L bins with plastic handles. With a similar replacement capacity but shorter in height this means that there are a larger range of layouts and capacity Pullboy Z systems that can be used in a Drawerline cabinet (a cupboard with a drawer above.)

Wesco Waste bin for Drawerline Cabinet

NEW clean and sleek frame – a new style frame has removed and nooks and crannies that were previously hard to clean and there is also no longer a need for a rubber strip to run down the sides between the drawer and the frame. This rubber strip on the Wesco Pullboy Z was often known to degrade and look worn over time and need replacing.

Cleaning your wesco waste bin

With many of the Pullboy Z pull-out waste bin systems whether is for a 300mm, 400mm up to a 600mm cabinet they all have 2 or more compartments. Some with smaller 8L and 11L compartments, these can make a great way for you to manage your bio-waste. We are now able to supply additional individual lids for these keeping any odours contained. You can even colour code them!

Waste bin lids for Wesco bins

We couldn't not share with you the perfect bin liner! The Bacofoil `Elasti-fit 30L bin liners fit our 29L and 17L bins a dream, with the elasticated top you'll never find your bin liner slipping inside your bin. They are super strong too!

Bin liners for Wesco waste bin

Why not look at Upgrading the bins in your older style Wesco Pullboy Z pull-out bin?

Comparison list:

Old Pullboy Z Replacement Bins New Pullboy Z Easy Replacement Bins
32L Without Handles M8358532-1 / 7878110-1 29L (M8366229-1) or 17L (M8366217-1) with Double Plastic Handles
26L Without Handles M8358526-1 / 7878111-1
29L (M8366229-1) or 17L (M8366217-1) with Double Plastic Handles
10L With Metal Handles M8358512-1 / 7578003-1 8L (M8366208-1) with Double Plastic Handles


Not only is the Wesco Pullboy Z bin a great product it works in harmony with the Blum Tandembox drawers this hasn’t changed for the upgraded model, therefore it will still fit in perfectly and provide continuity with the rest of the drawers used within many kitchen designs from Magnet, Wickes, Howdens and many other bespoke kitchen manufacturers. The excellent soft close also remains on this waste bin, due to the high-quality runners in the Blum Tandembox drawer, Blum also provide a lifetime guarantee on this drawer adding to the longevity of the Wesco product.

How good does it look!

Pullboy Z Waste bin operation

View the full range of pull-out kitchen waste bins >>

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