Classic Round Waste Bin 13L White

Classic Round Waste Bin 13L White
Classic Round Waste Bin 13L White
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The original Classic Round waste bin from Wesco. - The universal solution for 400mm and wider sink cabinets. With its compact design this 13L waste bin can be used on either left or right hand opening cabinets.

Available in three different finishes; White, Silver and Stainless Steel allowing this waste bin to fit in with many design styles. All models are fitted with the cam opening and anti-blocking system to protect the door.

The Classic Round waste bin can be removed from the fitting track allowing cleaning of the inner side of the door, there is an inner bin which has a handle allowing for easy removal and cleaning too.

Operation: The cam mechanism on the Classic Round waste bin means that the lid automatically opens and lifts above the bin when opening the door, also swinging the bin section out of the cabinet for easy access. The lid then fits snugly back over the bin section when the door is closed, containing any un-wanted odours.

Additional Useful Information: When the lid raises during opening you will require a height of 470mm.

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Built In Dimensions
(H) 470mm x (W) 340mm  x (D) 285mm
Product Dimensions
(H) 350mm x (W) 340mm x (D) 270mm
Minimum Cabinet Width
Colour White
Door Type Hinged Doors

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Richard Whitehead

Brilliant product!