Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Bin: Hidden Functionality with Wesco

Kitchen Bins

When it comes to maintaining a clean and organised kitchen, the right choice of bin is a crucial decision. While many of us may not think much about kitchen bins, they play an essential role in keeping our homes tidy and free from unpleasant odours. Among the various types available, the pedal bin emerges as a clear winner. And when it comes to hiding your kitchen bin while optimising functionality, Wesco has the ideal solution - the under-sink cupboard bin.

Why Conceal Your Kitchen Bin?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place for cooking, socialising, and gathering with the family. Nobody really wants unsightly bins to spoil the ambiance of this important space! So, how can you keep your kitchen clean and organised without compromising aesthetics? The answer lies in concealing your kitchen bin......

1. Aesthetic Appeal: Hiding your bin allows you to keep a neat and stylish kitchen without a visible eyesore! In our opinion, it keeps your kitchen looking pristine and welcoming.

2. Odour Control: Concealing the bin helps trap unpleasant odours and smells - when the bin is out of sight, the odours are, too.

3. Space Optimisation: The under-sink cupboard area is often underutilised, making it the perfect spot for your hidden bin. 

Now, let's delve into the various types of kitchen bins, with a focus on why the pedal bin from Wesco is the best choice for your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Bins

  1. Pedal Bins: Pedal bins are incredibly popular for kitchens because of their hands-free operation. You can open the lid with a simple step on the pedal, keeping your hands clean during food preparation. Wesco offers a range of pedal bins in different sizes and finishes to match your kitchen décor. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and their soft-close lids prevent slamming and reduce noise.


    • Hygienic and hands-free operation.
    • Available in various sizes and colours to complement your kitchen style.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Soft-close lids for noise reduction.


    • May take up some floor space.
  2. Swing Bins: Swing bins have a hinged lid that swings open when you press on it. While they are functional, they lack the hygiene and convenience of pedal bins. Swing bins can sometimes allow odours to escape.


    • Easy to use.
    • Come in various sizes and styles.


    • Not as hygienic as pedal bins.
    • Lid movement may release odours.
  3. Touch Top Bins: These bins have a lid that opens with a gentle push. They offer convenience but may require you to touch the lid, which can be less hygienic than a pedal bin.


    • Easy to open with a light touch.
    • Available in different designs.


    • Less hygienic than pedal bins.
  4. Built-In Bins: These bins are integrated into kitchen cabinets and can be hidden behind cabinet doors. While they are excellent for concealing, they may require professional installation and can be more expensive.


    • Completely concealed.
    • Space-efficient.


    • Installation may be complex and costly.

Wesco's Pedal Bins: The Ideal Kitchen Solution

Wesco's range of pedal bins offers the best of both worlds: functionality and aesthetics. Their pedal bins are designed to be not only efficient but also stylish, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen.

The soft-close lids of Wesco's pedal bins prevent noisy lid slamming, and their range of sizes and colours ensures you find the perfect match for your kitchen's décor. Plus, the pedal operation ensures hands-free use, maintaining optimal hygiene during food preparation.

Moreover, Wesco offers the under-sink cupboard bin, like the Kontract 16L which allows you to conceal your bin neatly, taking full advantage of underutilised space in your kitchen. 

For unmatched functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen, Wesco's pedal bins, particularly the under-sink cupboard bin, are the ideal choices. With our range of styles and convenient features, they can truly transform your kitchen into a clutter-free and stylish haven. Say goodbye to unsightly bins and hello to a pristine kitchen with Wesco.

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