Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

Let’s get shopping!

With everyone starting their Christmas shopping for their loved ones earlier this year to help spread the cost we thought we would share some of our top choices and ideas.
Whether you’re searching for Mum and Dad, Granny or friends, we have something across the Wesco collection that might just be the perfect gift. For the Baker of the home, the “organised one” or the friend that loves her eco-friendly products. Don’t forget something for yourself too!

Let’s get started with some of the smaller Wesco Kitchen Accessories.

Salt, Pepper and Spice Grinder
The worktop accessory that’ll help you cook up a storm or help to get that perfectly laid table with practicality and style.

Suitable for salt, pepper, dried herbs and spice mixtures the high-quality CrushGrind® mechanism is made of high-tech ceramic, a material that is harder than steel and particularly suitable for food processing.
Salt and pepper grinders and Paper Roll Holder

You can’t live without it at Christmas….
Kitchen Roll! That handy roll of paper that helps to quickly clean up spills, but nobody wants a wobbly and fiddly to use stand. In a newly fitted or beautiful kitchen the Loft Paper Roll holder has clean lines and soft, yet industrial matt colour finishes, perfect for keeping the worktop tidy and clutter free.

Everyone loves freshly baked bread at Christmas, keeping it fresh is the hard part!
If you have a friend that loves accessories for their home or is a keen baker and wants those cupboards to look just so our food storage ideas could be just the job!
Wesco Grandy Bread Bin
Grandy Bread Bin
A firm favourite and a long-standing design. The Grandy collection has a retro design style and comes in three different sizes, Grandy, Single Grandy and Mini Grandy. Each one has ventilation holes on the back, which ensures optimal ventilation of the contents.

Elly Bread Bin
A more modern oval lunch box shaped design with embossed detailing on the lid, again this design is available in three different sizes, Elly, Single Elly and Mini Elly making it a great choice for many different sized homes. With the same great ventilation, rolls cakes and pastries will stay fresh.

A futuristic design that has a fantastic element of fun! With a Chrome stand and roll back top it is certainly made for someone who loves to be different and make a statement. Available in two different sizes, the Breadboy and the Single Breadboy, the great ventilation design to keep your favourites fresh.
Don’t forget, all of these can also be used to store items from hair accessories, make up and beauty products to storage for crafts and sewing.

Elly and Breadboy Bread Bins

Classic Line Cookie Box

Who doesn’t need a biscuit tin or cake tin at Christmas, why not fill it with your friends or family members favourite treats, a lovely biscuit tin to keep, it’s thoughtful too! A simple design that works with tight closing lid and it’s made from robust materials that are food safe.

Cookie Box and Canisters

Loft Food Storage Canisters

Food storage at its most organised! The Loft Canisters are available in 3 different sizes and can store anything from baking essentials to your tea and coffee. You can make your cupboards & drawers super organised, or your worktops look stylish and tidy with the clever stacking design for all three sizes. Keeping everything fresh with an air-tight lid which is clear so you can easily see the contents too.

These are the perfect gift for the keen baker or cook but also that super organised friend.

Perhaps a Gift for your kitchen or a colour lover in your life?
There is a huge selection of bin sizes, shapes and colours. From the unique design to those with integrated technology helping to organise your home.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Kickmaster Family
The design of the Kickmaster is great for functionality with is pedal operation and top opening shells. With a Kickmaster Junior, Kickmaster 33L and Kickmaster Maxi 40L there is a size for every home.

Spaceboy XL 35L
Make a statement, the Spaceboy is very well known as the rocket bin! It’s unique shape is perfect for keeping you home interior unique, you’re sure to get a few comments from visitors too!

Spaceboy and free-standing Bins

Pushboy 50L
A firm favourite and classic in the Wesco collection. You just can’t beat a push flap bin for ease and convenience.

For the technology lover – the i.Master Double 40L waste bin operates with the swipe of your hand and reveals two compartments ideal for recycling. It’s great for when your hands are full while cooking in the kitchen.
Wesco i.Master Sensor Bin
Have an Eco Christmas: With recycling being such an important task in the home, Wesco would like to make this a little bit easier. At Christmas there is always so much to organise, these bins could help you making the boring tasks simple and concentrate on making memories.

Tower Collector – with 3 compartments there’s a place for everything! It also has a sensor operated opening keeping it hygienic and easy to use.

Wesco Tower Collector and Push Two Recycling Bins

Push two 50L– The classic design of the Pushboy 50L has been taken to a new modern level. With the main compartment being split in two and the addition of an extra push flap you can keep that traditional styling but with modern day function.

Multi Collector 2 & 3 – a beautifully shaped oval bin with a robust pedal operation and a soft-closing lid. You can choose from the option of two compartments or three, build the bin that suits you and your home.

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