It’s Electric! Blum SERVO-DRIVE Uno for Wesco Waste Bins

It’s Electric! Blum SERVO-DRIVE Uno for Wesco Waste Bins

It’s Electric! Blum SERVO-DRIVE Uno making for hands-free, easy, hygienic and safe waste disposal.

With one single touch with you hand, foot or knee this motion technology from Blum offers supreme easy opening of your Wesco Waste bin. It will even close again softly and effortlessly.

Keeping the fronts of your cabinets clean, you won’t need to worry about getting to the bin with your hands-full and no way of opening the bin. Whether your Wesco waste bin is a top-mounted Pullboy Z or a Base-mounted 300AZ there is an easy installation for both, it’s virtually a tool free process!

Set-up and Features:

It sounds fancy I hear you say.

Set-up requires simple positioning, the SERVO-DRIVE Uno kits come with a fitting template to help you correctly install the unit in a jiffy.

It’s that clever that it also comes set-up with automatic depth adjustment, simply insert and close the pull-out for the automation to take place.

Do you have a handle less kitchen with clean lines and you don’t want to spoil the design by feeling you have to have a handle on you bin cupboard? The SERVO-DRIVE Uno will take that problem away. With an electric drive based at the back of your cabinet that triggers the opening signal, your pull-out waste bin will run freely and can be stopped in any position.

How safe is it? It’s an extremely responsive system, when the drive feels resistance it will detect this and stop activating the drive mechanism.

Perhaps your bin is being placed under the sink? There’s no need to worry here either, as the transformer is drip and splash proof.

Blum SERVO-DRIVE Uno system for Wesco Waste Bins

Take a look at it in action - Base-Mounted >

Take a look at it in action - Top-Mounted >

If you’re not sure whether it will work with your bin system you can always just ask us, see our contact details >>

All of our Pullboy Z combinations up to 600mm wide and top-mounted are compatible, if you have a base mounted Wesco bin such as the 300AZ or the Pullboy 9XL, then the width is variable and can be cut to size.

Wesco Top-Mounted and Base-Mounted Waste Bins for Blum SERVO-DRIVE Uno

Don’t forget…just because the rest of your kitchen isn’t set-up with a complete Blum SERVO-DRIVE system it doesn’t mean you can’t retro fit the Uno package. It has been designed to work completely by itself, making it great for adding a kitchen upgrade whether you have a Wickes, Magnet or Howdens kitchen.

Investigate our range of compatible bin systems >>

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