NEW ARRIVALS - Take a look at the new bathroom and kitchen accessories

NEW ARRIVALS - Take a look at the new bathroom and kitchen accessories

NEW Product Alert! And they are exciting too...

These NEW products have been launched for Autumn 2022 as part of the Wesco Loft Matt colours; Sand, Black, White, Graphite and Cool Grey. These have been designed with the contemporary home in mind with clean, modern shapes. Whilst helping to keep the home organised, clean and tidy with ease. 

All of the products sit alongside each other in the harmony of the soft, yet industrial matt colour tones. 

Let's take a look...

Wesco Stepboy 9L Bathroom Waste Bin

Stepboy 9L - A bathroom, small kitchen or utility waste bin.

Being semicircular in shape and a flat lid it can fit perfectly in small niches or under sinks and beside toilets. The pedal operated lid has a built in damper keeping the operation silent and smooth. Keeping any odours at bay is the integrated carbon filter, there's no need to put off emptying it though as it also comes with a handy handle on the back of the bin allowing practical transportation of the bin.

Wesco Stepboy 9L Bathroom Waste Bin

Loft Toilet Brush - Hygienic and durable

An all new design that's practical and hygienic using modern materials, it looks great attached to the wall of the bathroom or free-standing. Due to the slightly curved design of the toilet brush the rim of the toilet can be cleaned particularly well. Made from Silicone it is sturdy and durable too. The toilet brush sits within a plastic removable insert which makes for easy cleaning.

The Loft Toilet Brush can be used free-standing and wall mounted, all fixings to wall mount are included. (screws, dowels and glue pad).

Wesco Loft collection Toilet Brush

Wesco Loft Collection Toilet Brush

Canisters - 1L , 2.2L , 3L sizes available.

These are ideal for storing tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereals and dry foods such as pasta, keeping them dry and fresh using an air-tight rubber sealing lid.

Wesco Loft Collection Food Storage Canisters with Air-Tight Seal

They can be safely stacked on top of each other making them space saving and suitable for staking in cupboards, drawers and on worktops. The transparent acrylic lid allows easy viewing of the contents, especially when used within kitchen drawers

Available in 1 Litre, 2.2 Litre and 3 Litre, all three sizes can bee used in combination with each and can be stack together making them for flexible food storage that looks great.

Wesco Loft Collection Food Storage Canisters

Loft Paper Roll Holder - Bathroom, Kitchen or Both

Perfect for use in both the kitchen and bathroom. It is a sturdy paper roll holder that is semicircular in shape to match the Step Boy waste bin and the Loft Storage Canisters. Its got a clean edgy new look compared to previous similar products.

The Loft Paper Roll holder can hold one standard roll of kitchen roll or 2-3 toilet paper rolls.

Wesco Lotf Collection Paper Roll Holder for Toilet Roll and kitchen Roll

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