Our favourite Free-standing waste bins with great recycling potential.

Our favourite Free-standing waste bins with great recycling potential.

If you like to have a free-standing waste bin and you want it to have design appeal, we can certainly help with that! With Wesco’s extensive range of different coloured waste bins and unique design styles we are sure you'll find a bin you can’t take your eyes off.

We hear some of you say, “how practical is it for a family home” or “but will it be big enough for our family”. Well we have combined a couple of options for you that make recycling easy in the home and have great total capacity too.

1. Wesco Multi Collector 2 OR 3:

The Multi-collector is a stylish looking bin with big capacity and great flexibility too. There is the option to choose between a two-compartment layout or a three compartment. As part of the Wesco LOFT collection these bins come in the Matt paint finishes which look beautiful within the modern home with industrial clean lines.

Pedal operated it Is easy to use and allows for hands-free potation for when your hands are full. The lids can be held open with the flick of a switch and when your done the lid will close with a beautiful soft closing action.

Are you worried about smells? With a built-in odour filter which can be replaced when required, odours can be kept at bay. SKU: 171621 171631

Wesco Multi-Collector Recycling Waste Bin

2. Push Two 50L:
With the traditional retro style of the original Pushboy 50L it’s a classic Wesco product. The benefits with the Push Two are that this one single cylindrical chamber has been divided into two and there are two push flap access points at the top. Being a push flap operation makes this bin quick and easy to use for both adults and children.

With each compartment having a 25L capacity it can store general and recycling waste easily until its bin day!

Don’t forget the choice of colours are great too!! SKU: 175861

Wesco Push Two Dual Compartment Recycling Waste Bin

3. i.Master Double 40L:
Technology is at the forefront with this particular bin. There’s no pedal or push flap this bin is simply operated with the wave of your hand. The incorporated infrared technology keeps you been clean, makes it easy to use when your hands are full, it also comes with the added bonus of two compartments for you to get your recycling organised.

As part of the LOFT collection the modern and on trend matt finishes are perfect for todays living spaces. SKU: 382411

Wesco i.Master Double recycling waste bin

4. Big Double Boy 36L:
If you like the style of the i.Master Double above but not sure if you want all the technology. The Big Double Boy comes with two 18L compartments and is operated with a large Stainless-Steel pedal, an integrated damper ensures that the lid also closes nearly silently. Each compartment allows for a bin liner to be secured in place to prevent it from slipping and they can be removed easily for emptying and cleaning. SKU: 381411

Wesco Big Double Boy Recycling Kitchen Waste Bin

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