The chore of laundry! Upgrade your system with a Wesco Laundry Basket.

The chore of laundry! Upgrade your system with a Wesco Laundry Basket.

Laundry is everyone’s chore! Whether it’s a matter of getting the kids to put it in the laundry basket, rather than on the bedroom floor or you’re the person that sorts the lights from the darks. It’s a job that’s got to be done, here at Wesco Living UK we like to think that we can make it that little bit simpler, quicker and carried out in style.

We have been really pleased with the response many customers have given us regarding our Laundry Boy for hinged doors. So, we thought we would see if we can add to our collection for you. So, to start with we thought we would offer up the laundry boy for pull-out doors to see what you make of it.

Here’s a little run through of all the different features of both and how they could help you.

Laundry Boy for Hinged Doors 300mm wide:

Wesco Laundry Boy Pull-out for hinged doors 300mm

This system is an independent stand-alone pull out basket at the handy size of 300mm. Due to the design of this system being mounted to the base of the cabinet it allows you to be a little bit creative with how you use and install it. You can either make use of a narrow cabinet in your kitchen or utility that you weren’t quite sure what to do with or, you can use the system in multiples in larger cabinets.

Two mechanisms can be fitted side by side into a 600mm wide cabinet for example, this gives you the option to store and sort your laundry into lights and darks. Having the next load of washing ready to go straight into the machine.

Don’t just think that this Laundry Boy is for the kitchen or utility why not have it installed within your bedroom furniture too! That way laundry can be stored and sorted in advance all neat and tidy behind closed doors.

You may be thinking, but “do I need special hinges on my cabinet doors”. No, it’s that simple!

Maybe you’re thinking that you would like a system that mounts to your cabinet door, that pulls out in one single motion so that when your hands are full of laundry it makes things easy, no doors to open or lids to lift.

Wouldn’t it be great if it had the same great features as your new stylish kitchen or utility design too.

Wesco Laundry Boy Pull-out Door Mounted 600mm

The Pull-out Laundry boy for 600mm wide cabinets is a double basket system. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Blum Legrabox drawer system, which has a stylish, elegant look along with a smooth and effortless soft-closing mechanism.

The individual 40L baskets can be removed from the system easily and transported from room to room, allowing you to collect up all that laundry. With a total capacity of 80L it’s a great size for a family home too.

To view these products further and the fitting information take a look at the links below:

This is the beginnings of our Laundry collection with two options that provide great flexibly, we hope you find the laundry bin, waste bin or kitchen accessory to suit your use and home.

If you have any further questions, please also feel free to contact us >

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