Wesco Tower Collector - The Home Recycling Station

Wesco Tower Collector - The Home Recycling Station

The Home Recycling Station – The big bin with a relatively small footprint and compact waste separation.

NEW to the Wesco bin family is the Tower Collector 60L, finished in the modern Loft style matt colours it has been designed to fit within the modern home.

This bin will not only help make separating and recycling your waste easy but it will help to keep the surfaces of the bin hygienic and clean. With an integrated motion sensor within the lid of the bin it can be opened and closed with the swipe of a hand, another handy feature is that the batteries can be recharged using a USB cable. There’s no need to keep replacing batteries, just plug it in! The lid section is removable so can be transported to your nearest electrical socket, easy peasy.

Wesco Tower Collector Recycling Sensor Operated Bin

For the lower compartment where you would be likely to store your glass recycling such as bottles and jars, there is an easy to use sturdy handle that will slide the compartment out. All three compartments come fitted with an inner bin that has handles, making for easy transportation and cleaning.

Wesco Tower Collector Recycling Sensor Operated Bin

Included in the inner compartments is a securing hole for your bin liner, a great idea that will prevent your bin liner from fall inside and getting tangled within the waste. We also have the option of using the Bacofoil Elasti-fit bin liners for the 30L compartment of the Tower Collector. These bin liners have been designed to have an elasticated top which grips the edges of the bin, perfect for stopping the bin liner from moving.

The Tower Collector 60L is a completely new and fresh design angle from Wesco, which we think is a great idea. The shape, size and style of the bin is perfect for small and family sized households. With its practical and easy to use features, people of all ages will find this recycling superstation a breeze to use and it will fit in perfectly within the home and your kitchen layout. 

What to see the bin in action, watch this handy video for all you need to know >

Other members of this Wesco bin collection that operate in a similar way, perfect for recycling or fit in with the same design trend include:

i.Master Double: Sensor operated with two separation compartments.
Multi-Collector 2 & 3: Pedal operated if you’re not looking for sensor operation. The choice of 2 or 3 compartments along with a more rounded shape to provide softer lines.

Click here to view all of our sensor operation bins >>

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