Wesco - Sustainability, Longevity & Recycling

Wesco - Sustainability, Longevity & Recycling

Sustainability, longevity and waste recycling is an important topic for Wesco. From the choice of materials that all the products are made from, how the product is used, through to the product’s disposal.

We are all responsible and can all do something, big or small to help maintain and improve our environment. There are small improvements we can make to our daily lives, such as waste separation that can then amount to a bigger impact if we all take part.

Wesco is a pioneer in this field, bringing about the world’s first waste separator in 1985 and decided to take up the issue of conserving resources back then, when it wasn’t considered such a big talking point.

A very important and central subject for Wesco is the availability of spare and replacement parts for their waste bins and kitchen accessories. This allows the life of your Wesco product to be extended for hopefully many more years of use. If a product can be repaired rather than disposed of this is an important step towards conserving scarce resources.

Furthermore, the lifecycle of the metal that Wesco use to produce their products has been carefully selected so that when the product has come to the end of its life, the metal that is used can be recycled as scrap metal and used again in the production of steel.

Wesco in Germany support the ‘Waste Separation Works initiative – here’s a little bit about it:
“The separation of waste in the household is the first important step for effective recycling, which in turn is a prerequisite for saving natural resources. We at WESCO have therefore been supporting the ' Waste separation works' initiative of the dual systems in Germany since the beginning of 2021. Since it started in March 2020, the initiative wants to reach as many people as possible by providing information about the meaning and purpose of proper waste separation and at the same time motivating them. Because only if we correctly separate and collect all packaging from residual waste can the recyclables be kept in the cycle and thus resources and CO₂ emissions saved.”

In the UK it is also just as important for us separate our waste and recycle as much as possible, we know that with our busy modern lives and homes this can seem like a task that we just don’t want/need, but with a few simple steps and the correct waste sorting system for your home it could be something that becomes easy and natural.

We have a range of bins suitable for recycling, these include free-standing kitchen waste bins and in-cupboard, built-in pull-out waste bin systems.

Push Two 50L Bin:

Push Two 50L Recycling Waste Bin
Multi-Collector 49L Bin: 

Wesco Multi Collector Recycling Waste Bin

Tower Collector 60L Bin:

Tower Collector Recycling Waste Bin

Big Double Master 40L Bin:

Wesco Big Double Master Recycling Waste Bin
Big Double Boy 36L Bin:

Wesco Big Double Boy Recycling Waste Bin
i.Master Double 40L Bin:

i.Master Double 40L Recycling Sensor Waste Bin

Waste Bins for Pull-out Doors:

Wesco Waste Reclycing Bins for Pull out doors

Pan Drawer Waste Bins:

Pullboy 9XL 600mm – 1200mm wide Pan Drawer waste bin:

Wesco 9XL Pan Drawer Waste Bin

Waste Bins For Hinged Doors:

Wesco Recycling Waste Bin Systems for Hinged Doors

Wesco continue to support the initiative ‘Waldlokal’
Since July 2021 they have supported the ' WALDLOCAL ' initiative, which ensures that the local forest in the Sauerland, which is known to have suffered particularly from bark beetles and drought, is reforested in a sustainable manner.
The aim of the initiative is to reforest a climate-stable mixed forest and to close gaps in the landscape, with the trees being selected by the local forestry departments.
You can find more information about the WALDLOKAL initiative HERE

How we package your orders here in the UK:
Nobody likes excess packaging and boxes that are far too big for the product. With all our products we try to ensure that they are well packed so that they do not become damaged in transit and arrive with your safely. That’s why we carefully select our boxes and packaging.

All our cardboard packing boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are suitable for household recycling.

Any card and other packaging that comes into our distribution centre is either re-used to pack products going out to our customers or baled and sent for appropriate recycling, ensuring it is not sent to landfill.

The Wesco Living UK team is also on hand! If you’re unsure of dimensions, how something works or just want to clarify a delivery lead time, either give us a call or send us a message via email or chat.

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