Need a Pedal Operated Waste Bin?

Need a Pedal Operated Waste Bin?
Whether it’s for ease of use, design appeal or to try and make your waste bin dog proof, here at Wesco we have a great range of different sizes, shapes and colours to suit most homes.

Let’s have a quick run through of some of our most popular:

Sometimes a simple pedal bin is all you need to keep you and your kitchen working at its optimum.

You may even find a bin at Wesco that the kids can use but the family dog can’t! From a choice of large capacity, space saving, single or multi-compartment waste bins we love adding a splash of colour and unique shapes and design features for you.

Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail:

The Kickmaster Waste Bin:

Kickmaster 33L Pedal Bin
Wesco offer a great range of sizes in this design from a small size 6L Mini master to the original kitchen bin, the Kickmaster 33L, this is the bin we are going to focus on.

The design has a unique stainless steel central top opening shell design that traps odours in, keeps pets out and has an almost silent soft-closing mechanism.
Emptying is simple too (for us humans that is). Using the easy grab side handles the outer shell is lifted up and over the inner bin compartment. This makes for easy cleaning and transportation of waste.

Wesco Kickmaster Pedal Bin 33L

The Kickmaster Junior 12L has all the same great features but is perfect for small households, apartment living and utility spaces.

Kickboy 40L Waste Bin:

Wesco Kickby 40L Pedal Bin
It may lose some of its capacity compared to the 50L Pushboy bin that it has taken its same great looks from, but with the advantage of an easy-to-use pedal we think this feature will make it your kitchen’s and family’s best friend.

With an independent inner bin liner, the shell is lifted over the top using the side grab handles. The metal loop carry handle can be used to transport waste, this also makes for easy cleaning.

Baseboy 30L Waste Bin:

Wesco Baseboy Pedal Bin
If you love a traditional and classic 1950’s style pedal action bin with a simple yet effective lift up lid, then this is the bin for you.

This design is available in two different capacities: 20L and 30L. They both have a lovely slim design with a sturdy base and robust foot pedal. It’s a great design of bin if you are looking to place it in a small space, but why not make a feature of it too!
There is a removable inner bin that is simply lifted out using the metal loop handle, this makes for easy cleaning and waste removal.
The Baseboy design has a sturdy external hinge mechanism which is also soft closing, no more slamming lids!

Towerkick 40L:

Wesco Towerkick 40L Pedal Bin

An old friend that has been given a sleek, modern new look. Now produced in the industrial, smooth matt paint finish it has clean, angular lines that are in-line with the modern edgy home.

It features a large foot pedal that stretches across most of the width of the bin, this also is a soft close operating pedal. Once the lid is opened it can be locked in position making it a handy feature if you know you’re going to need to make multiple trips.

When it comes to cleaning, the inner bin can be easily removed and there is a bonus feature of a fixing point in the bucket to stop your bin liner slipping inside and making removing a messy job.

Wesco Towerkick 40L Pedal Bin

Superboy 20L:
Wesco Superboy 20L Pedal Bin
This space saving waste bin is great for small kitchens and apartment living with its slim, tall, square design. It can be placed flat against a wall or into a corner. Its robust pedal operation also uses a soft-closing mechanism which is a pleasure to use.
Its inner bin can be easily removed using the metal loop handle, this makes for easy transportation and cleaning.
For such a space saving waste bin design it also has a good capacity of 20L, suitable for smaller and larger kitchens, especially if you are also using a recycling system.
Wesco Superboy 20L Pedal Bin
This design can also be teamed up with the Single Boy 13L, it has the same great looks but is perfect for bathrooms and utilities.

 If you would like to view all of our pedal operated waste bins or would just like to find out more, click here >>

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