Waste Bins Suited to Commercial Spaces

Waste Bins Suited to Commercial Spaces

Waste Bins for Commercial Spaces; large capacity, recycling or handy integrated worktop waste disposal units.

Our Wesco bins, both free-standing and built-in waste bins systems are not just design for the home, the well-thought-out designs and robust materials also make them suitable for commercial spaces such as the office, dental practices, hairdressers and the hospitality industry.

With a selection of different sizes, styles, operation methods and colours available in many of our waste bins, they are great for commercial kitchens, self-catering holiday properties and hotel bathrooms.

Our free-standing waste bins are the most colourful of the collection and come in unique and sometimes statement shapes, great for making a feature in the environment that is practical and makes your commercial space that bit more fun too!

Below we are going to talk you through a couple of examples for different industries that may be what you’re looking for and help you make that big decision.

Large Capacity Bins for High Traffic areas, public spaces and office areas.

Wesco Big Swing 120L - With a massive capacity of 120 Litres this bin is great for large spaces, offices and areas with high traffic. It has an easy to use and quick waste disposal swing lid that can be accessed from either side. With is simple shape and design it is easy and quick to empty and keep clean.
It also comes with a handy catch feature that keeps the bin liner securely in place and won’t fall down inside the bin.

Wesco Big Swing Large capacity Waste Bin

Wesco Pushboy 50L - A long-standing favourite from the Wesco Collection. It is a great bin within the home and the features of this bin can easily be transferred to office spaces and public spaces. With a single point push flap waste disposal opening it is simple to use and the mechanism is tried, tested and robust. This bin also comes in a variety of fantastic colours allowing you to jazz up those dull office spaces and bring a bit of cheer!
A fairly large capacity of 50L, you could use multiples of this bin to create a recycling system too.

Wesco Pushboy 50L Push Flap Large Capacity Waste Bin
Wesco Push Two 50L - Great option for encouraging recycling in the workplace, with the same great opening system as the Pushboy 50L it is simple and easy to use. With a divider that sits with in the main compartment of the bin inner it is simple and easy to empty too. Furthermore, keeping a good capacity of 25L per compartment.

Wesco Push Two Recycling Waste Bin

Wesco i.Master Double 40L - Something a little fancier! Helping to keep the environment clean and tidy, it’s also handy when your hands are full. The i.Master Double 40L is operated with the simple swipe of the hand using infrared technology. It is kitted out with a re-chargeable battery set-up that simply needs to be plugged into the mains to re-charge. It is also a great option for encouraging recycling with its 2 x 20L separate compartments.

Wesco i.Master Double 40L Sensor Recycling Waste Bin

General Practices, Dental, Hospitals & Vets

Wesco i.Master Single 9L – With the same great infra-red technology as the i.Master Double this bin is a handy worktop of floor standing bin that will open with the swipe of your hand. It is great for environments that need to be kept clean and tidy easily. With its smaller capacity, it is great for using in consultation rooms & waiting rooms as it won’t take up too much space and waste can’t be held for too long.

Wesco i.Master Single 9L Sensor Operated Waste bin

Worktop Waste Bins – Ergo Master 5L, 11L & 13L - Our Ergo-Master worktop waste bins sit flush into any worktop. They don’t just have to be used as a waste container, but they can also be used for storage too. Available in 3 different sizes they offer great flexibility even if you are retrofitting this item. The name Ergo-master derives from its practical and ergonomic design. No opening doors, no bending down, the waste is disposed at working height.

Integrated Pull-out Waste Bins – Pullboy Z with Electric Servo-Drive opening.
The range of integrated cabinet pull-out waste bins from Wesco is vast. One of our most popular is the Pullboy Z, this waste bin sits within a Blum soft-closing drawer box which makes for a beautiful action and high-quality components. With the addition of the Blum Servo Drive Uno this bin system can be operated with the tap of your knee of foot, being mains operated the battery will never run out.
There are also so many different capacity options within the Pullboy Z range, along with the number of compartments to choose from. This allows for a flexible waste bin system that you can build to suit your needs.

Wesco Pullboy Z integrated Pull-out Soft Closing Waste Bin system

Here we have selected a couple of our smaller bins that are an excellent choice for hotel bathrooms, public restrooms and self-catering properties. You can of course view some of our larger capacity bins for the more communal areas or larder self-catering properties.

Wesco Mini Master 6LMini yet mighty! The Mini Master 6L is a great bathroom bin for bathrooms of all sizes, the capacity is big enough to collect those bits a bobs from the bathroom but small enough that the bin can sit neatly in the corner or under your sink. An essential item in the hotel bathroom but you don’t necessarily want it to be a key feature, this bin has beautiful, understated style and is finished in the matt paint monochrome colours.

Wesco Mini Master 6L Bathroom Pedal Waste Bin

Wesco Single Master 9L - The Single Master is an easy-to-use foot pedal bin with top open, slightly larger in capacity than the Mini Master, making it a great bedroom or children’s playroom waste bin.

Wesco Single Master 9L Small foot pedal waste bin

Wesco Classic Round Swing Bin 13LPerfect if you are looking for a small in-cupboard waste bin for inside a bathroom cabinet or under a utility or kitchen sink. The Classic round waste bin 13L is a simple, easy to use and an effective choice. Available in three different finishes this waste bin swings out of the cabinet as the door is opened. Quick waste disposal with automatic lid opening and an inner bin which can be removed to make emptying quick and fuss free.

Wesco Classic Round Swing out in-cupboard waste bin

Hairdressers, Beauty Salons & Barbers
The décor and the image that a hairdresser’s, beauty salon or Barber’s has often represents the image, fissionability and style of the establishment. We’ve chosen a couple of additions that will keep your salon on trend and eye-catching.

Wesco Spaceboy XL 35LKnown as the rocket bin! It’s certainly an eye-catcher with its unique shape and amazing choice of colours. It is also practical, with a capacity of 35L and its quick Push flap opening. This bin will certainly be a talking point while your clients are in the salon.

Wesco Spaceboy 35L Rocket Bin

Wesco Kickmaster 33L - One of our popular foot pedal waste bins, the Kickmaster 33L is a foot pedal operated waste bin that is top opening. It makes for hands-free waste disposal in a busy environment. Available in a large range of different colours, you can make this bin feel right at home in your décor.

Wesco Kickmaster 33L Pedal Bin

Click here to take a look at the full commercial range of waste bins, both free-standing and integrated waste bin systems >>

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