Working From Home Must Have Essentials

Working From Home Must Have Essentials

When working from home it is important to get the right working environment set-up to ensure you are at your happiest and most productive. 

Whether converting a corner of your lounge, bedroom or even your camper van or caravan that is sat on the driveway, we have some fantastic storage solutions to keep you organise, tidy and the space looking stylish. 

We have put together a couple of our office favourites and the ways in which they can be used from storing stationary to those motivational treats. 

Mini Elly and Mini Grandy:

You may be thinking these are for food storage? Oh no, these are both extremely versatile and can be used as stationary storage, from highlighters and calculators to those all important post-it notes! 

Get it all boxed up at the end of the working day. 

Wesco Small Storage Solutions

2L Classic Line Canisters:

Yes, these are great for storing your tea and coffee to keep you going through out the day but if you are the King or Queen of stationary these canisters are the perfect height for storing those multi-coloured pens and pencils. If you're thinking the kids could do with these too, then why not purchase the set of 3, no more pens rolling around on bedroom floors.

Wesco 2L Classic Line Canisters

Waste Bins: 

As much as we try to go paperless in the office there is always the odd bit of rubbish. Whether it is your scribbly notes that you have now neatly typed up from your Teams meeting or the wrappers from your mid-afternoon snacks, we have a couple of suggestions of our smaller waste bins that will feel right at home. 

Wesco Pushboy and Mini Master Small Waste Bins

Mini Master 6L Pedal Waste Bin - A great small bin which can sit neatly to the corner or under your desk, it is easily opened with the foot pedal and it closes almost silently to help keep the Peace. 

Pushboy Junior 22L Waste Bin - With its easy to operate push flap it won't waste your time. The Pushboy Junior is the small brother to the Pushboy 50L, maybe this would fit in perfectly with your existing decor? With a slightly larger capacity to the Mini Master it is great for designers at home. 

If you're thinking snacks, you need a Superball! 

No one will ever guess what you've got stashed away in there! It's fun design will add character to your desk and brighten up your day. This gem of a design is unique and you can use it to store pretty much anything, from the house and car keys to tasty breads and pastries.

Wesco Superball Food Storage



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