New Arrival! The Kickmaster Family has Expanded.

New Arrival! The Kickmaster Family has Expanded.

The Kickmaster Maxi 40L is that little bit bigger than the popular Kickmaster 33L, available in the elegant and sophisticated matt colours, or if you’re a traditionalist and are looking to inject some colour into your kitchen the Red is a great choice.

With the matt finish being an increasingly popular choice in interior, kitchen and bathroom design this bin is certainly on-trend in looks and function.

Having that extra capacity means that the Kickmaster Maxi is a little bit taller and is great for the larger family home. With its easy to use pedal and soft-closing lid children can use the bin safely but the dog will find this one tricky!

A unique design from Wesco, all the Kickmaster family bins are designed with a stainless steel central top opening. As the pedal is pressed the two shells which form the lid will open, allowing a hands-free operation. The shells are edged with a rubber strip sealing in any odours, along with a soft-closing integrated damper, therefore closing almost silently and effortlessly.


Wesco Kickmaster Maxi 40L Large Family Kitchen Pedal Bin
Here’s the rest of the family!

Kickmaster 33L – Popular family sized pedal bin. (184631)
With a generous capacity of 33L it’s ideal for throwing general household waste in. With a hands-free operation you can easily dispose of rubbish whilst cooking, without having to complete a juggling act at the same time. If you have children, this bin has an easy to use pedal and a soft closing action, therefore there will be no slamming of lids and unlikely to catch small fingers.

Kickmaster 33L pedal kitchen waste bin

Kickmaster Junior 12L (180312)
Small in size but not smaller in design details. The Kickmaster Junior is the perfect waste bin for the utility, children’s bedrooms and as a kitchen bin in smaller households.

Single Master 9L (180212)
Just that little bit smaller again and a great Family bathroom waste bin.
Single Master 9L Bathroom Waste Bin

Mini Master 6L (180114)
A handy compact waste bin for the downstairs toilet or if you live in a flat or apartment with a smaller bathroom. There when you need it but won’t get in your way.

Mini Master Toilet Waste Bin

Both the Wesco Single Master and the Mini Master waste bins are ideal as bathroom bins and bedroom waste bins, they can fit neat and tidy under a vanity table or wash basin. 

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