Wesco Pull-out Waste Bins for 600mm Cabinets

Wesco Pull-out Waste Bins for 600mm Cabinets

Pull-out waste bins are great for making use of a cupboard that you are finding it hard to utilise for food or pots and pans, it also allows you to have more floor space in your kitchen and keep your waste bin out of sight.

Pull-out waste bins for 600mm cabinets also give you the capacity to set up your own built-in recycling waste bin set-up with multiple compartments allowing you to divide your recycling ready for bin day.

The larger 29L to 40L compartments can be used for your general household waste and cardboard recycling and the smaller 8L – 11L are great for compostable waste.

Pull-out waste bins are a hygienic solution to kitchen waste, with the optional individual lids to keep odours at bay. With many of the pull-out bins a kick pedal or electronic assisted opening can be used to make hands free operation.

All our top 600mm wide pull-out waste bins are from the Pullboy Z range. They all sit within a Blum Tandembox Antaro drawer that includes soft-close runners and blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen design. It’s a tidy set-up with clean lines allowing for an easy to clean and durable bin system.

Pullboy Z for Blum Tandembox Antaro 

Pull-out waste bins for cabinets with a depth of 500mm and above:

Pullboy Z Easy Double compartment 80L (2x40L) 827640-85E

With 2 large compartments this is a great option for a family home, each 40L bin comes with double plastic handles to make for easy cleaning and emptying, they are great for keeping your bin bag under control too if you don’t use our Bacofoil Elasti-fit bin liners.

Wesco Pullboy Z 80L Pull-out waste bin for 600mm cabinets

If you were looking for more compartments to be able to sort your recycling and keep it off the kitchen worktops, then the Pullboy Z Easy 74L ( 827616-85E ) with four compartments including 2 x 29L and 2 x 8L.

 Wesco Pulboy Z for 600mm Cabinets with Four Compartments

The larger 29L compartments are ideal for general waste and cardboard and the 8L for compostable waste and even storage for your cleaning accessories. 

Do you have a cabinet with a shorter depth, Wesco also produce pull-out waste bins for 600mm wide cabinets and 450mm and 400mm depth with surprisingly great capacity too!

Pullboy Z 64L Recycling bin with 2 x 32L ( 828614-11 ) compartments only requires a depth of 453mm for installation, again a great capacity for a family home. The bins sit left and right rather than one behind the other providing easy access.

Shallow depth Wesco Pull-out waste bins

If you’re still struggling on depth and you have a shallow depth of min 403mm then we still have the option of the Pullboy Z 34L with 2 x 17L ( 829603-85E ) compartments which again sit left and right, this bin system also has a short height requirement, allowing for the bin to be fitted within a drawer line cabinet where and additional kitchen drawer sits above.

 Maybe you're looking for a in-cupboard pull-out waste bin for a smaller cabinet, take a look at our whole range, from 300mm wide cabinets >>


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