Tickled Pink! Pink Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories for 2022

Tickled Pink! Pink Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories for 2022

One of the biggest interior colour trends for 2022 has been pink. Whether you're a fan of Baby Pink, pastel, neon or a more romantic dusky hue it's being used throughout the home. Creating wall panelling, painted murals, even fridges and of course pink waste bins. 

Wesco Houseware products are known for their great design style and beautiful range of colours. 
Pink is definitely one of ours and our customers favourites. Across the Wesco range there is anything from pink kitchen accessories such as bread bins and tea and coffee canisters to pink rocket shaped kitchen waste bins. 

Here are a couple of pink Wesco products that me be the final pink touch to your home: 

Pushboy 50L Kitchen Waste Bin in Pink 

The Pushboy 50L Waste bin is one of the longest standing products and a true design classic with a modern retro feel.

Wesco Pushboy 50L Pink Kitchen Bin

Elly and Grandy Bread Bins in Pink

The Elly Bread bin is one of the newer designs to the Wesco product range, available in 3 different sizes; mini, single and standard. Oval in shape with lunch box style design it has decorative embossing detail within the lid which is reminiscent of bread boxes from the 50's.

Find out more about the Elly Bread Bin >>

The Grandy, also available in three different sizes is the traditional classic design, the name Grandy is derived from the English "Grandma" because many people still know the shape of the bin from their grandmother's kitchen.  

Both of these are great for storing bread and other tasty treats but they also have many other storage uses around the home, from beauty accessories to medical supplies. 

Find out more about the Grandy Bread Bin >>

Wesco Bread Bins in Pink

Cookies, Biscuits and Pink Food Storage Ideas

With a similar design style to the Elly, the 4L Cookie box is perfect for storing those biscuit favourites. It makes a great cake tin too!

Pink Kitchen Accessories from Wesco

Shop by colour, whether you're looking for bright kitchen accent colours, pastels or more of a monochrome kitchen. 

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