NEW! Wesco Pullboy Z recycling System for Blum Legrabox.

NEW! Wesco Pullboy Z recycling System for Blum Legrabox.

A step up in style, technology, function and feel. We have a new Pullboy Z recycling system from Wesco, teaming up with the latest in kitchen technology from Blum. It doesn’t get much better when you want quality, looks and function.

What’s the difference between the Pullboy Z system for Blum Antaro and Legrabox?

Wesco Pullboy Z Recycling Pull-out bin systems

Both the Legrabox and the Antaro Pullboy Z are fantastic bin systems for busy family homes or for smaller households because of the choice of layouts and cabinet widths available. They both operate in a similar way and are attached to the cabinet door allowing the bin system to be pulled out of the cupboard in one single motion to make waste disposal and sorting easy. They are also perfect for recycling, meaning you don’t build up that nasty pile of recycling waiting to be taken outside sitting on your kitchen worktop!

  • They both have a soft-closing action integrated into the Blum drawer runner and both are excellent, but it has been refined in the Legrabox drawer for an even smoother feel. Along with having a heavy-duty runner of 40KG over the standard Antaro runner with a 30KG runner, providing great stability and durability.
  • The Pullboy Z for Legrabox has an all new sleek, super smooth and slim drawer side profile that compliments a modern, highly finished kitchen design. The colour of the drawer side is distinctive in a beautiful dark Orion Grey. The Antaro drawer is made up of a much chunkier drawer side which doesn’t have quite the modern, stylish design appeal but still extremely practical.
  • Then there’s the new bin layouts and new buckets from Wesco. The bins come in a matching Orion Grey colour to the Blum Legrabox, along with sturdy and durable double plastic handles to make waste removal and cleaning easy.

Wesco Pullboy Z Waste Bin Pull-out system for Blum Legrabox

  • The Pullboy Z for Legrabox comes with the addition of individual lids for each compartment helping to keep any waste odours contained. This would be an upgrade option on the Pullboy Z for Antaro, although, included is an odour trap cover that sits across the top of all the compartments and stays situated in the cupboard when the system is pulled out.
  • Both of these pull-out waste bin systems can be upgraded with the electric SERVO-DRIVE Uno from Blum. It’s the ideal finishing touch to enhance both of these bin systems, your kitchen design and make things a little easier for you too. Find out more about how this works in our blog feature >>

Blum Servo-Drive Uno for Wesco Pullboy Z Waste Bin Systems

  • Let’s talk capacity! Even at the beginnings of this new range there are some great layouts and capacity options for different width cabinets especially the popular 600mm wide kitchen cabinet. You can choose from a full recycling system set-up of 1 x 5L, 1 x 8L, 1 x11L and 1 x 29L or you can split the system evenly in to two large capacity 40L bin compartments for the family home.

Pullboy Z Pull-out Waste Bin System for Blum Legrabox:

Wesco Pullboy Z recycling Waste Bin System for Blum Legrabox

Pullboy Z Pull-out Waste Bin System for Blum Antaro:

Wesco Pullboy Z Recycling Waste Bin system for Blum Antaro

You’ll also feel pretty pleased with your fitting skills once you’ve fitted a Pullboy Z Legrabox bin system. Some DIY skill will be required but the 3-dimensional adjustment available on the runners and drawer will allow you to easily and precisely set up your door in perfect alignment!

Lastly, another great feature we are able to offer with the Pullboy Z for Legrabox is a mess-free, super strong and a great fitting bin liner. If you haven’t taken a look at the Bacofoil Elasti-fit bin liners, it’s a must! For the 29L and 40L these are ideal, we’ve included the bin systems within our bin liner fitting guide for Wesco Free-standing and Built-in bins to make it easy for you to identify which one you need.

And…. You see those spaces either side of the buckets, they are perfect for storing your spare bin liners, compostable bags and cleaning accessories.

Take a look at the full range of Pullboy Z for Legrabox pull-out bin systems >>

Take a look at the full range of Pullboy Z for Antaro pull-out bin systems >>

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