How a Wesco Worktop Bin or Caddy could help you in the Kitchen.

How a Wesco Worktop Bin or Caddy could help you in the Kitchen.

Worktop Bins: 

If you have a kitchen island where you prep all of your meals sometimes it can be extremely handy to have a hands-free and just where you need it worktop bin.

The Wesco Ergo-master sits flush and neatly within the kitchen worktop, it won’t get in the way and has a minimalist discrete design. It is available in 3 different capacities of 5L, 11L or 13L, with all sizes you will need to make sure you have enough space below the worktop for the bucket of the bin to hang.

We have known customer use these bins for various purposes from compostable waste making it easy to whisk away veggie waste to even ice buckets at parties and events.

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Wesco Worktop Waste bin - Ergo Master

Caddies and Dividers:

If you’re able to recycle your compostable waste with your local council you will know that you get given a caddy for this purpose, it serves its purpose, but you may not want it sitting on your kitchen worktop.

Wesco have a couple of products to help, they don’t have to just be used for this purpose either.

Wesco 5L Kitchen Box:

The Wesco 5L Kitchen Box can sit neatly over your kitchen cabinet door or on the handle. Shut it away in the cupboard when hanging on the inside of the door or place it on the outside of the door or on your kitchen worktop so it’s there when you need it.

It’s not just a vegetable waste caddy. The Kitchen Box can be used as additional storage too, store kitchen utensils, accessories and cleaning products in this neat and tidy box.

Do you recycle your Nespresso coffee capsules? The Kitchen Box is handy for collecting your coffee pods in preparation for sending away for recycling.

Wesco Kitchen Box, Worktop caddy

Wesco Slim Line 19L & Slim Line Double 5L Insert:

If you already have one of Wesco’s Slim Line Waste bins 19L or you are looking to have this bin as a new addition to your kitchen, then there is a 5L dividing insert that you can simply drop inside the main compartment to act as a divider.

If you would like 3 compartments and you are limited on space and like the design of the Slim Line waste bin you could make the upgrade to the slightly larger Slim Line Double 29L. A great compact in-cupboard recycling bin unit to help you keep on top of and divide your recyclable waste.

Wesco Slim Line waste bin divider and caddy compartment


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